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Green SourceSM
(supply mix)

 Clean WindSM
(supply mix reflects PGE's basic service mix plus one block of Clean Wind)

Oregon Resource Mix

Source: 2015 data for Green Source and 2013 data for Basic Service mix plus one block of Clean Wind. Latest data available for Oregon System mix from Oregon Department of Energy Data for PGE System Mix may differ from Oregon Resource Mix; check for details. All percentages are approximate and may not add up to 100% due to rounding. “New” refers to power generated from facilities that became operational in the last 15 years. Environmental impact equivalency data comes from the latest U.S. EPA eGRID.

Where does the renewable energy come from?

All of the renewable energy comes from 100 percent new sources (operational in the last 15 years) located in the Western Electricity Coordinating Council region.

In 2015, PGE plans to buy renewable energy from the following facilities:

TechnologyFacility NameLocation
WindCoastal Wind ProjectWA
WindNine Canyon Wind ProjectWA
SolarIdaho Power Oregon Solar PV Pilot 2OR
WindGolden Valley Wind Park ID
WindHay CanyonOR
WindPilgrim Stage Station Wind ParkID
WindThousand Springs Wind ParkID
WindYahoo Creek Wind ParkID
GeothermalNeal Hot SpringsOR
WindBurley Butte Wind ParkID
WindCamp Reed Wind ParkID
WindSalmon Falls Wind ParkID
Wind Milner Dam Wind ParkID
WindOregon Trail Wind ParkID
WindPayne's Ferry Wind Park ID
WindTuana Gulch Wind ParkID
WindRockland Wind FarmID
WindFossil Gulch Wind FarmID